Amanda Terry - TwistTours

Amanda Terry

A native Texan from the borderland, I've been behind a camera since elective Journalism as a high school freshman. After receiving a Photojournalism degree from UT Austin, I immediately proceeded to build a highly successful career in the hotel business. A serious case of wanderlust and love of the ocean has sent me to the Bahamas and Virgin Islands to run boutique resorts and crew on charter sailboats.

But as the old saying goes… "You can take the girl outta Texas…” I missed the warmth and hospitality of my people, not to mention proper Mexican food, and so I’m delighted to be back. I am obsessed with old houses and architecture and have managed to come full circle back to put Texas, real estate and photography together in a way that blends all the things I love! Until I run off to foreign waters again. Hmmm… Twist Tours Mexico?

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