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Andrew Thomsen

Andrew has made his home in Austin for 10 years and currently lives in East Austin with his fiancé Erin. His interest in photography began while earning his degree in graphic design. In addition to photography, Andrew pursues watercolor painting. He has been a photographer with Twist Tours for nearly 4 years and has received several awards for his art.

Here is a link to Andrew's artist site:

Just a few Words of Praise

The pics that Andrew did on Wednesday are AWESOME—and I don’t think I need to even shoot the twilight.  I’m SO pleased with the ones he did!

Wow, these looks amazing!!!!! So much better than the previous listing photos. Thank you Andrew!!!

Thank you and Andrew so much for my images for Planet Fitness. They are perfect.

"Photos are fantastic! Thank you for the excellent work Andrew and Twist Tours team! I see why my brokerage so highly recommends you.”

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