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Twist Tours is an LLC carrying on business as a provider of Real Estate Marketing Services in Austin and is committed to protecting any data that is collected concerning you. By using our services you agree to the use of the data that we collect in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We are committed to protecting your privacy

We collect the minimum amount of information about you that is commensurate with providing you with a satisfactory service. This Policy indicates the type of processes that may result in data being collected about you. Your use of this website gives us the right to collect that information.

Information Collected: 
We may collect any or all of the information that you give us depending on the type of transaction you enter into, including your name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address, together with data about your use of the website. Other information that may be needed from time to time to process a request may also be collected as indicated on the website.

Vision and Philosophy:
Twist Tours LLC puts securing our customers’ personal data as one of the company’s highest priorities. We understand that every time a customer provides us with credit card and bank account information, or other sensitive personally identifying information, they trust that we will protect it—and this policy is designed to ensure that this trust is not misplaced. The foundation of our information security program is a set of strong policies that are in balance with business operational needs.

Security Environment: 
Twist Tours LLC utilizes customer data to deliver products and services to our customers. Accordingly, all customer information to include cardholder data as well as other sensitive customer and company information, will be protected by all staff, contractors, partners and services providers in accordance with well defined policies and procedures. Twist Tours LLC will operate on the security principle of “that which is not explicitly allowed is explicitly denied.” Attempts by anyone to access, monitor, use or share information that is not explicitly allowed to them by our security program will be considered a security violation. Further, access to sensitive information will be permitted on a “need to know” basis, such that employees have access to only those data and systems required to perform their assigned jobs. We will deploy systems, processes, policies and training to protect our mission critical data assets and customer privacy. Most important, we will monitor and enforce compliance to our policies.

Information Classification, Storage and Destruction:
All Twist Tours LLC information is categorized into two main classifications: Public and Confidential.

Public information, such as advertising and marketing materials, is information that has been declared public knowledge by someone with the authority to do so, and can freely be given to anyone without any possible damage to Twist Tours LLC.
Confidential comprises all other information such as sales data, customer addresses, etc, that should not be made available outside the company. Customer sales authorizations containing credit card numbers and cvv2 codes or bank account numbers (PANs), and PANs provided to employees fall into the “Critical Confidential” information category. Payment Processing System

Twist Tours LLC utilizes a web-based SaaS system provided by Intuit, a PCI DSS Certified payment processing service provider, for all payment processing functions. All credit card and ACH transactions, whether authorized over the phone, in writing via mail, or online are transmitted, processed and stored via the Intuit system. In no circumstances are PANs stored electronically for any reason—secure storage is completely relegated to the Intuit system.

Disclosing Information:
We do not disclose any personal information obtained about you from this website to third parties. We may also use the information to keep in contact with you and inform you of developments associated with our business. You will be given the opportunity to remove yourself from any mailing list or similar device.

Changes to this Policy:
Any changes to our Privacy and Security Policy will be placed here and will supersede this version of our Policy. We will take reasonable steps to draw your attention to any changes in our Policy. However, to be on the safe side, we suggest that you read this document each time you use the website to ensure that it still meets with your approval.

Contacting Us:
If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please email us at You can also correct any factual errors in that information or require us to remove your details from any list under our control.
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