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Add or Change Music

Instructions: Choose the Tour in your Client Panel - Click the Edit Tour Icon - Click the middle tab called Tour -  Click the blue Media button on the right - Choose your Music from the drop down list - your changes are saved automatically

How to Update your Profile

You edit your contact information, upload a new headshot and / or logo, change your user name and password, update your company information and add assistant information.

Instructions: Choose the Account drop down on the top right - Click Profile Settings - Make Changes - Click Save Changes at the bottom

How to Add the MLS Number

Tourbuzz has built in automatic syndication to In order to take advantage of this, all you need to do is select a MLS and enter in the MLS number into the MLS number field on the info tab of your tour editor. Tourbuzz will instantly attempt to syndicate the listing to and attach the tour link to the listing. If the listing has not yet been sent to, we will automatically re-try the syndication process over the next 5 days.

Instructions: Choose the Tour in your Client Panel - Click the Edit Tour icon - Select the last tab Map/MLS - Add the MLS number in the MLS Information box to the right.  

How to Create or Modify the Free Flyer

There is a free flyer that comes with the virtual tour.  You can modify the images on the flyer and add descriptive text.  The flyer will appear via a link on the virtual tour and you can also download a pdf.  The system automatically use the first 7 images from your tour for the Flyer.  You can adjust which images appear on the flyer using the instructions below.

If you have entered in a description for the tour within the Info tab, that text will be the default text for the Flyer. If you would like something other than what has been provided in the Description box, type it in the Flyer Text Section.

Please keep in mind, the more text you have, the smaller the font will be. In other words, the only way to enlarge the font is by having less text on the flyer.

Instructions:  Choose the Tour in your Client Panel - Click the Flyer icon - Drag and Drop the images from the right into the available placeholders on the left.  If you added text on the Info tab, it will appear here.  Or you can create new text - Save Flyer at the bottom

How to Add Images to Your Tour

You may add additional images on your own to the virtual tour.  The system accepts .jpg format only

Instructions:  Choose the Tour in your Client Panel - Click the Edit Tour icon - Click the Media Tab - Click the Select Files button top left to choose photos to upload or drag / drop - After the images upload they are saved automatically.  Stay on the screen until the upload completes.

How to Deactivate Your Tour

You may deactivate a tour you no longer would like to have available.  Please note that by doing this, you will have to contact Twist Tours to reactivate.

Instructions:  Choose the Tour in the Client Panel - Click the Edit Tour icon - Click the Deactivate Tour Link on the top right under the Published icon

How to Find a Link to All of your Tours

There is a link you can use on your website and email signatures that will navigate the viewer to a list of all of your active virtual tours.

Instructions:  Click the My Account drop down link - Choose Profile Settings - Look to the right  and you will see Link to All My Tours - Right click the Web Page Link to copy the weblink

Managing Statistics

Click here to see a sample Statistics Report

What are Statistics? There is a graphical statistics e-mail that goes out weekly or monthly, at your preference. Click here for an example of what one looks like. Statistics are counted from the day the tour is published. If you are logged into TourBuzz, we do not count you. We send email reports 7 days after the tour is Published. You cannot set a time and day to send the statistics reports.  Contact the office if you would like to have us reset the statistics to zero.

What each section means:

Total Photos viewed: All the individual media types, still images, panoramas and videos, that have ever been viewed for the life of the tour.

Total Tour Views: This is the number of times the tour has been viewed. Total Tour Views and Total Visitors will differ based on the number of times a Visitor viewed the tour on a single visit. The same person can be a New Visitor if they close the tour and return after 30 minutes. They will be additionally be classified as a Repeat Visitor.

Total Visitors: Total number of all Visitors to see the tour. Visitors are anyone that clicks on the tour link.

Images Viewed per Visit: The average number of images viewed per Visitor. We count images until the viewer leaves the tour page or the tour stops running.

Popular Images: The number of times an individual image is viewed.

Total Traffic Last 7 Days: Total Traffic refers to the total number of tour views in a given day. This is the last trailing 7 days.

Total Traffic Last 8 Weeks: Total traffic per week is based on the number of tour views that take place Monday through Sunday. It does not matter which day the tour was published, ie. the first weeks traffic will probably not be a full 7 days.

Referring Sites: This is a list of sites where the visitors clicked on the tour link.

Direct Visitors: are those that came via email or other links we cannot track.

Repeat Visitors: Someone using the same computer with the same browser returns to view the tour at least 30 minutes after the first time they viewed the tour.

Instructions: Choose the Tour in your Client Panel - Click the Statistics icon - Enable or Disable Stats Email and/or add additional emails of who you want to receive statistics - Click the blue Save Changes button

How to change Image Order/Name/Description - Headers - Tour Description

You have the ability to re-order and rename all of your images as well as add individual image descriptions.  In addition, you can add a Tour Title and two sub-headers that can contain other information you would like to convey about the property such as price, # beds/baths, square footage or Open House information.

Instructions: Choose the Tour in your Client Panel - Click the Edit Tour icon - Click the Media Tab - Choose the image to edit - rename and / or add a description - Your changes are saved automatically

Removing Images from a Tour

Instructions: Choose the tour to edit - Click the Edit Tour icon - Click the Media Tab - Check the image you want to remove - Click the visibility option on the right. If you don't want to see the photo at all, check the "neither virtual tour nor gallery".  To make the photo not visible in the tour only, check "gallery only"

Set up a YouTube Connection for the Slideshow Video from Tour

We can create a Slideshow Video from Tour for you so you may have additional web presence for your property.  The Slideshow Video from Tour can be connected to your YouTube account and you will also receive branded and unbranded movie links.  Sample Video from Tour

Instructions: Click the My Account drop down on the top right - Select YouTube setup - Follow Step 1 and log into your YouTube account - Follow Step 2 and connect your YouTube account - Accept the Google App connection notice - At this point if you do not have a YouTube account, you can click the button to create one OR you will see a confirmation screen showing connection.

How to Download an Offline Tour

TourBuzz has an offline tour feature that allows you to run the tour on a computer that doesn't have an internet connection. The offline tour can be run from a hard disk, CD, thumb drive, etc.

Instructions: Choose the tour you want an offline tour for - Click the Tour Links icon - Scroll to the bottom and click Download Offline Tour - if prompted, save the zip file - Unzip the file (if you need a unzipping program try - Open the folder - Located the .html file to view the tour offline (not on the internet) - You may also burn the tour to a disc by adding all the items in the folder to it.

How to Unzip Files on a PC

Instructions: If you are having trouble unzipping your files, you can try a free third party program like

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